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  Founding History of the Innovative Learning Center

        The Innovative Learning Center is equivalent to a faculty supervised by the university. Establishment of the center was approved by Srinakharinwirot University Council Resolution 12/2553 on the 3rd of December, 2010, by uniting two operations: the General Education Administration Center and the Center for Lifelong Learning Innovation.

      The idea to create the Innovative Learning Center began in 2007, when the university administration aimed to genuinely align the curriculum with the philosophy of general education. In 2008, the General Education Administration Center was launched at the residence of Prof. Dr. Saroj Buasri, the former president of Srinakharinwirot University. A budget for renovating the Learning Tower for use by the General Education Administration Center was granted, and the building has been used for that purpose since 2012. The General Education Administration Center officially became the newly-founded Innovative Learning Center on the 3rd of December, 2010.



  Emblem of the Innovative Learning Center

      The Innovative Learning Center created a unique emblem which can be used in many styles. It still incorporates the Srinakharinwirot University logo. The center’s orange color is used in the graph part of the logo along with grey ILC letters, which are shortened from Innovative Learning Center and appear at the base of the emblem.
Orange is the mixture of: Red Yellow
      Red, which is the color of the university and means reflection and wisdom, and
      Yellow, which means dawn, the new beginning.
Grey, the university’s color on the letters ILC, means reflection or wisdom.
The Orange color of the center thus means “the new beginning in the university, learning through reflection, wisdom, and determination.”


Development of Virtue, Wisdom, and Innovative Learning.

To cultivate principled, sharp, inspired, and morally courageous graduates.


The Innovative Learning Center strives for organizational excellence in education and research, which are based upon ethics with a focus on innovation for students’ moral integrity and learning potential.


1.  To develop innovative learning through research and methodical collection of a body of knowledge as an integrated learning center.
2.  To develop teaching competency of the faculty members in keeping with current situations.
3.  To develop integrated general education curricula and training courses.
4.  To administer general education lessons for Srinakharinwirot University undergraduate students, with thoroughness, quality, and effectiveness.
5.  To develop learning materials and other creative media for lifelong learning.
6.  To serve an academic purpose and conserve art and culture.


1.  To develop innovative learning in line with contemporary conditions by taking advantage of information technology and communication for hybrid education, to facilitate education administration, informal learning, and lifelong learning.
2.  To support the development of moral integrity, knowledge, and profound understanding of the general education and sufficiency economy philosophies among faculty members and staffs, so they can follow technological advancements, be more adaptable, and apply their knowledge and expertise to teaching and learning integration, in order to achieve the goal of student development and produce graduates complete with knowledge, morality and desirable characteristics.
3.  To develop modern, quality general education curricula with diverse subjects, to promote distinctive Srinakharinwirot University students and superior graduates as per the national standard on higher education.
4.  To develop short-term and long-term integrated training courses with the aim of lifelong learning.
5.  To manage human resources, budgets, materials, durable articles, and premises to support the teaching of general education and systematic development of students’ learning, through cooperation among the university’s internal units and external organizations in an attempt to reach an effective and efficient student development target.
6.  To develop various learning materials such as textbooks and books, as well as electronic and other creative media, to support teaching and knowledge distribution via information technology networks for lifelong learning, without any restriction on learners so as to advance the society to a smart Thailand.
7.  To offer academic fairs with the purpose of distributing the body of knowledge and building enterprise networks with both public and private sectors, so knowledge exchange and collaboration may force sustainable social and national developments under the sufficiency economy philosophy.
8.  To offer activities for art and culture conservation in order to support and preserve Thai traditions and cultures.


Innovative Learning Center
(Building 31) Learning Tower Building: Luang Sawasdisarsatarabuddhi Learning Tower Building
114 Sukhumvit 23, Klong Toei Nua,  Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Mobile. (662)87 341 9199
Tel. (662)649 5000 ext. 15452
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